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Muscular Dystrophy
Cerebral Palsy
Spinal Cord Disorders
• Cerebral/Spinal Atrophy
• Post Accident Injuries
• Heart - VSD / Bypass / Cholesterol
• Motor Neuron Disease - Optic & Lung
• Joint Pain - Arthritis
• AVN - Hip Joint Necrosis
• Various Chronic Diseases
Kidney Disorders

Micro Ayurvedic Stem Cell Development Therapy
The cities across the world are growing to become the hub of modern civilization. Technology is making in-roads in every segment of urban life and later on percolating to become a part of the rural sectors too. The life is enriched by the modernity yet is it healthy? The answer is probably no, simply because we ate now prone to many new things. We are living on a fast track of modern era but do have newer problems. Blood-pressures, hypertensions, baldness, heart problems, diabetes, backaches, cancers & tumors and some many health issues are a part of modern life.

The medical technology is making advances, but the treatment is becoming costlier to be out of reach for most of the persons across the world, especially in the third world, most of the populace is deprived better treatment, thus their fundamental right of living a healthy life, modern Medicines do offer a cure but it has many side effects, thus the treatment are not foolproof in many cases.

The revival of Ayurveda is significant, herbal medicine and traditional treatments are once again gaining a ground and these are enough to understand the importance of ancient and safe treatments in modern times. Guru Ayurved Hospital & Research Center by Dr. K. V. Pathak located at Maharashtra Parbhani and Pune are working with an objective to provide best health alternatives in rural area of Maharashtra.

The focus area of work is based upon the concept of promotion of Ayurveda & Herbal Medicine and the entire analysis is based on Nadi Parikshan (Pulse examination).

The entire diagnosis methodology in Ayurveda is based on Nadi Parikshan (Pulse analysis) and since ancient times, the Rajvaidyas then knew the examination of blood waves thru thread vibrations & they note down the blood waves frequency before 5000 yrs. And they used the technology from that time in Ayurveda. During the research, Dr. K. V. Pathak understood the basic principle of curing and that is destroying the root cause of the aliment. And to make this happen one has to re-strengthen the basic stem cells to restart their function. This can be made possible by use of herbs that strengthen the basic cell function. He was one of the first to understand the importance of stem cell therapy in Ayurveda and probably the first to use it in ayurvedic methodology

Dr. K. V. Pathak firmly believes that human expectancy is in ancient times was much longer and our body with perfect diet of root and plant stem cells can survive for 100 yrs., but the things that are taking toll and adversely affecting the body. Hailing from rural India, Dr. Pathak understands the deprivation and lack of facilities in medical field, hence has always substituted his treatment with locally available resources. Poor are often the most neglected as medical treatments are becoming more and more expensive and keeping the treatment very reachable and financially viable has been his motto. He also visualizes the scope and expanse of stem cell therapy and proposes the usage of ayurvedic stem cell therapy to fortify the stem cells which can be an apt alternative to present expensive methods and treatments.

Promotion & Propagation of Ancient Indian Medical System has been Dr. Pathak's aim, as he can foresee the usefulness and cost-effectiveness of Ayurveda in present medical scenario, where treatment are expensive and the side effects are affecting the people. The newer and more resistive strains of older diseases are recurring in such a way to make treatment more difficult and ayurveda if used rightly can be the answer to many concurrent diseases and ailments.
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