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Muscular Dystrophy
Cerebral Palsy
Spinal Cord Disorders
• Cerebral/Spinal Atrophy
• Post Accident Injuries
• Heart - VSD / Bypass / Cholesterol
• Motor Neuron Disease - Optic & Lung
• Joint Pain - Arthritis
• AVN - Hip Joint Necrosis
• Various Chronic Diseases
Kidney Disorders


+ Paralysis +

I was suffering from paralysis attack since 11 years. I was not able to use my left side. I was not able to talk. I could not be able to take my meals, I could not be able to walk even. all my body was shivering.
I was not able to hold any thing by my hands I took treatment in Pune, Mumbai, Nanded, Lonar and Nashik, I spend nearly Rs. 15 lacs, ( Rs. Fifteen lacs. ), but in vain. but I took vanaushadhi formulation in Dr. Pathak 's Guru Ayurved Hospital, from - 03.10.2003 to 08.01.2004, after taking medicines, I was able to walk, I was able to speak properly, shivering of the body has been reduced.
I was able to move my hands. The strength is increased by nearly 60 % of my left side. all above things were possible only with the help of Dr. Pathak.
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