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Heart Disease

Angioplasty :  
I am taking treatment from Dr. Pathak since 3 months. Due to their medicational Herbal plant medicine my stamina has been increased and cholesterol has been reduced .
I am having 100 % satisfaction
Tot. Cholesterol 196 mg %
HDL. Cholesterol 44 mg %
Tot. Chof / HDL Chol 4.4
Triglycerides 154 mg%
VLDL 30 mg %
LDL 122 mg %
LDL / HDL 233 mg %
Phospolipids 233 mg %
Total Lipids 681 mg %
There is blockage in five veins. He was taking treatment from Dr. Garware. Dr. Garware was surprised to see my present health. This miracles was done by Dr. Pathak 's --- vanaushadhi I am using this mixture from 15 th of August. this miracle change in my blood vessels had taken place only during 6 months of starting the medicine. I was asked to do following tests at Dr. Dindasyal Memorial Hospital and National Health Institute. I was suggested to carry --- Angiography and then Gabg surgery,

Following were the changes occurred to my veins.

LAD — mid segment 90% diagonal proximal 90%

LCX --- om1 is bifurcating with superior branch showing 90% stenosis

RCA --- pda shows 75% stenosis

LV ---- no rwmalvef = 75%


 + Heart Disease +  
I was suffering from Heart Disease from 1973 , Expert Dr. have advised to carry a surgery.

After Dr. Pathak 's treatment My heart beats became normal My weight has been increased by 4 Kg. without any surgery above changes has occurred.
+ Dr. K.V. Pathak’s successful vanaushadhi ayurved treatment for chronic heart disease +
At the time of birth he was normal. After 45 days we observed some trouble in his chest. We referred this to Dr. Ajit Bhagwat, who suggested us to carry doppler sonography test. and Dr. Bhagwat himself carried the above test. findings from the test are as follows.

  • there are two small holes on the heart of yash,
  • there is only one blood vessel from heart to brain.

Then as per Dr's advice we approached Putpurty Satya Saibaba Heart Hospital. They not believed the report and hence they themselves carried the above test. Doctors at Putpurty Hospital refused to carry out operation. According to them this report shows that the patient is dead. And if at all he is live he is a companion of some seconds. Then again we carried the same test in Narayan Heart Hospital, after seeing the report, their opinion was also same as above two doctors.

Report of Sonography. --- Conclusion

  • congenital cyanotic heart disease.
  • double outlet right ventricle –d—malposed
  • vsd & moderate pulmonic stenosis. – Dr. Ajit Bhagwat. ( m.d. dm. facc )
We stopped all medicines for two months. We asked Mr. Sandeep Rane of Asian Heart Hospital Bombay on phone in the Alfa channel TV program, and he also on the opinion that such case should not exist, and he also refused to carry out any operation. I was very much frustrated. But as per suggestions of my brother's wife Mrs. Neha Mule, of Jalana, I approached Dr. K.V. Pathak. In the month of March, I along with my son, and the reports, visited
Dr. Pathak. and and I saw a ray of hope on Dr. Pathak 's face. only Dr. Pathak confidently agreed to treat by his vanaushadhi and promised me that he will cure my son. Initially I , took 30 days medicines. my son is regularly taking these medicines. In fact he was afraid and was refusing to consume allopathic medicines was happily ready to consume Dr. Pathak 's medicines. We observed within 3 days lot of changes in his health. he started eating. without crying he used to play himself. he eagerly asks for medicines without fail. we were not sure of his health, but by doctor's medicines he survived.

Special Note --My brother Mr. Prashant Deshpande is staying in United States. He showed the above report to doctors in U.S. and those doctors also opinioned that this boy is not living, and he is dead.

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